Unity // Engagement // Empowerment // Giving Back

At Krak, we always focus on ethical and social responsibilities. Krak aims at creating a wide range of products that bring fun, joy, hope and positive vibes to everyone around.

Krak started making masks with meaning because we see how people around the world are being affected and we want to help to spread love and positive vibes.

The launch of Krak marks the debut of its first social responsibility program for giving back to the community.

Krak's mission of giving-back goes beyond COVID-19. The '1-for-1' event only sparked the start of our social responsibility programs that are being carried out on a project basis.  


Krak is in the process of creating a series of products with a unique design that showcases our company's mission and values.

Are you looking for something such as a little gift or corporate branded item that is unique and meaningful to your employees?

Are you planning for a giving back project or looking for a partner for your next project?

Does it sound like we share the same goal and vision?

Should you wish to bulk purchase our products for your company or become one of our partners for give-back projects, lease feel free to contact us, we are happy to listen and help!​

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