How a playful concept turned into a meaningful initiative.

KraK originated from a small effort to re-introduce joy amidst Covid-19. To achieve this, Krak aimed to replicate the cathartic feeling of ‘kraking’ open a fortune cookie with fabric masks; each containing a personalised, hidden, message, to bring a sense of hope to everyone who got their hands on a Krak mask. 

Photo credits to Urban Earth Mama

At KraK, we believe in taking action; not merely bringing joy and hope through spoken words. This is why every product we release and collaboration we pursue is rooted in giving back, spreading love and kindness.

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Looking beyond masks, Krak is in the process of projecting its mission onto a wide range of essential and simple products, all embodying the Krak mentality. Ultimately, our goal is simple: whether it be a hoodie, tote bag or bracelet, we hope our light-hearted message and design uplifts you and motivates you to live positively. 

Thank you for listening to our story - With love, KraK x

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